Lucy Thompson

Kinesiology in Cumbria

Well being

Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves how to look after ourselves a little better. Our bodies re-energise and our minds re-balance when we re-connect. There are a thousand ways to do this and you know the best way for you.

They all involve being aware of our bodies or our surroundings in some way. They all pause the mental chatter that tends to narrate our lives!

Mindfulness is the new big thing, but it is simple and involved in all these ideas...

...Having a warm bath with some essential oils, being aware of how the heat relaxes your muscles and fully ejoying the aroma of the oils.

...Walking through woodlands or your favourite park. Aware of the movement in your body, the alternating pressure on the soles of your feet.

...Sitting in some warm sunshine in a favourite outdoor space. Hearing all the sounds of nature. Truly aware of all the beauty in our surroundings, allowing it to open your heart centre a little. Feeling it fill with warm, golden light and love.

...Really can be anything that you love to do, where you have time and space to be fully aware.

Kinesiology Self Help

There are several techniques that can be done at home, that help your energy system to re-balance. My tutors, Minna Oldfield and Franky Kossy, have done several videos for home use.

The Thymus Tap 

This is the most simple with immediate benefit, putting us in a temporary state of balance.

Emotional Stress Release  

Here we hold governing and central meridian points to release stress from within the head and brain. This is a HK correction and the highlighted stress is the stress you currently feel. So really let yourself touch in with the situation that is difficult for you as you hold the points to gain more permanent results.

Allergy Tap  

This is a correction that may come up in a session to eliminate adverse reactions to a variety of substances, from foods and pollens to cosmetics and cleaning products. Used at home it can be used to relieve the symptoms of a current reaction. In this instance no substance is needed, we just tap the appropriate meridian end points.

Energy Toning Movements

These often come up as homework. Done regularly, they encourage the flow of energy within the meridians. 

Lifestyle Tips

Within a Kinesiology session lifestyle changes may come up. These are always changes that will bring about the most optimal and beneficial results and can account for 10-20% of total symptom improvement. These tips are changes that would benefit most people, generally improving general well-being.