Lucy Thompson

Kinesiology in Cumbria

Privacy policy

I am committed to safeguarding your personal information.

On making a first enquiry or appointment, your name and phone number will be noted by Queen Street Consulting Rooms reception. This is stored as a paper copy only, it is stored securely. During your first appointment further personal and medical details are noted, and again stored securely, only on paper. None of your details are stored digitally. None of your information is shared with any third parties. Records are destroyed 10 years after completion of treatment, or 10 years after a child has reached adulthood. 

For purposes of carrying out remote sessions, your mobile number or Skype details are stored digitally. These are deleted when we have completed your planned sessions. I may create digital images from your session sheets for the purposes of sharing them with you. They will be deleted immediately and shared with no-one else.

I don't collect any search data when you access my website.

Everything disclosed within a session is completely confidential unless I am asked to disclose details to the authorities as part of a police investigation

You have the right to access any of your stored information including session notes. You are welcome to read any originals, or copies can be provided free of charge. You are asked to update any relevant information.

For the purposes of Covid-19 Track and trace guidelines, your name and phone number may be shared with the relevant authorities if you have attended a face to face appointment. This is something you will be asked to sign consent to at your appointment.