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If you could ask your body what it wanted.. why wouldn't you?

Kinesiology...   optimum health through muscle testing!

Covid-19 precautions

The Courtyard Clinic, 2 Theatre Street, Ulverston, Cumbria

Our therapy center is Covid-compliant and continuing with mask wearing in reception, extra cleaning and extra time between appointments to air the room fully 

 Many thanks for your patience and support 💚 

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Kinesiology utilises muscle testing to tune into your energy system, to find out what your body needs to bring itself back to optimal functioning. We believe that our bodies are trying their best to achieve this at all times, we help you release the blocks. Clients come with a wide range of concerns from low energy, stress or lack of motivation to more specific symptoms such as migraines, allergies, digestive problems and phobias. Using muscle testing, it is your body that individualises each session for you. Always working to the highest goals to make the most optimal and beneficial changes.

Unfurling with vitality

I love this image of bracken unfurling in Spring. You can see the natural vitality and energy, pushing to reach its goal. We are all born with this within us, it's still there, the limitless potential we had as children. Life's challenges get in the way. Health Kinesiology is all about removing these blocks to our health, vitality and achievement.


By achieving energetic balance our bodies naturally re-vitalise. Health Kinesiology just removes the blocks, it's your amazing body that does the rest!

Lucy Thompson

Having 20 years experience as a complementary therapist, I am dedicat​ed to helping you to become cleare​r, lighter, happier & healthier

Lucy Thompson, The Courtyard Clinic, 2 Theatre Street, Ulverston, Cumbria      07717 212112